SuperWheel - A Cycle Wheel Revolution

Transform your bike to a high performance bicycle with SuperWheel and experience the freedom of Easy Cycling without the range and speed limit of an electric bike. This is the new way of pedal assistance without a battery. 

SuperWheel is the practical and convenient alternative to the electric power assistance. Whether you are a city commuter or simply for recreational use, the SuperWheel provides you with the additional power for easy cycling and allow you to enjoy cycling without the hard work.   

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A new type of suspension 

Superwheel is a bicycle wheel with a built-in power assistance system, using our patent pending (WTECT) ‘Weight (mass) to energy conversion technology, transform the user’s weight to turning power during rotation to improve cycling efficiency.

Cycling has never been easier now with Superwheel, Not only is it power assisted but it is also powered by weight. No battery needed and no range limit, making your journey a lot more effortless and environmentally friendly. Superwheel suits all cyclists and their bicycle as our wheel is easily attachable to all sorts of bikes old or new in a matter of minutes.

Get the power and benefits of an E-Bike without the cost.

You can go where ever you want for as far as you want.

Facilitates more than 30% energy efficiency improvement than a standard wheel

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