SuperWheel Production and Supply Update.

26th November 2020

We thank you and are delighted to have received a substantial number of orders and enquiries recently. This is a great surprise considering we have only started production recently. Our production capacity is small at present and we can only produce a limited number of SuperWheel per month. However, our production capacity will increase in the coming months.

We will be accepting orders from Wednesday, 2nd December for our next production units which will be completed and shipping will commence before the end of December on a first come first served basis. The cost of a SuperWheel Forciclette will be €425 plus shipping.  We will also be accepting pre-orders for our February 2021 production run of 300 units. These will require a booking deposit of €125, and we expect delivery of these will take place in Early March 2021.

To allow us to concentrate on producing and shipping all customer orders, we will suspend all licensing enquiries until March 2021.  We thank you for your support to date. We will be growing and strengthening our team over the coming months and full details will be uploaded onto our website next week.

Once again thank you for all your support to date.


A Cycle Wheel Revolution

Superwheel is a bicycle wheel with a built-in power assistance system, using our patent pending (WTECT) ‘Weight (mass) to energy conversion technology, converting the user’s weight to turning power during rotation to improve cycling efficiency.

Cycling has never been easier now with Superwheel, Not only is it power assisted but it is also powered by weight. No battery needed and no range limit, making your journey a lot more effortless and environmentally friendly. Superwheel suits all cyclists and their bicycle as our wheel is easily attachable to all sorts of bikes old or new in a matter of minutes.

Get the power and benefits of an E-Bike without the cost.

You can go where ever you want for as far as you want.

Facilitates more than 30% energy efficiency improvement than a standard wheel

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