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We are in the stage of emerging from oil-age to electric-age, the conservation of electricity & electronic waste management will become increasingly important. Each year our planet generates 50 million tons of E-waste, and a large portion of it, including of the toxic materials ends up in landfill sites.

SuperWheel uses our patented ‘Weight (mass) to energy conversion technology” and developed as the alternative to E-bike, to improve cycling efficiency.

  • The SuperWheel is a revolutionary bicycle wheel that can significantly improve cycling efficiency and solely relying on human power
  • It is power assisted and powered by weight.
  • Lightweight – due to it’s lightweight culture, the superwheel is easier to transport
  • No battery, no recharging and no replacement
  • No range limit
  • Adaptable
  • No hassle, low maintenance
  • Future technology with traditional values
  • 100% Green Technology

Simon and his team are currently marketing the wheel to city commuters, cycling enthusiasts, to any environmentalists out there that are still using less sustainable transports and to people who may have a mobility disadvantage that restricts them from cycling. Using the SuperWheel is a green and efficient mode of transport that provides over 30% improved assistance, currently. And as time goes on, they wish to develop the wheel furthermore that will provide over 50% improved assistance over a standard wheel.

SuperWheel Global Team

Superwheel SystemTeam

Oisin, Simon, Leigh & Charlie

SuperWheel Inc. – Canada


SuperWheel – France

45 Avenue du Général de Gaulle,
33510 Andernos-les-Bains,


SuperWheel – Japan & Hong Kong

https://www.superwheelasia.com (under construction)


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