• Easy to fit onto most bicycles
  • With its lightweight, comes accessibility to store, travel with and portability


  • The wheel is adaptable to most old or new bike
  • Quick and easy set up
Super Wheel

Unlimited range, unlimited assistance

  • With Super Wheel you can travel as far as you want for as long as you want!
  • No 15mph powered assistance limit and no range limit, the possibilities and destinations are endless
Super Wheel

Power Assistance but no battery assistance

  • The Super Wheel has no battery, therefore there is no need to worry about recharging
  • No increase in energy bills – The Super Wheel is unique in that it isn’t powered by a battery
  • Because Super Wheel has no battery, it can be transported on planes. The battery that comes with a e-bike can’t be transported on planes because of its chemical composition.
Super Wheel
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