The SuperWheel is developed for efficient urban commuting and recreational cycling. Currently we have models for 700c and 26″.

We recommend:-

  • Suitable to use on a hybrid or road bike.
  • We recommend using semi-slick or touring tyres with the SuperWheel.
  • Use on a hard road surfaces to have the greatest efficiency benefit.
  • Tyrepressure between 85 to 95psi.
  • Set the Spring pressure that is suitable to you. (Factory spring pressure for warm up run only).
Photo shows 26 inch model.


The SuperWheel current models are only compatible with rim brakes.


  • The wheel is adaptable to most old or new bike
  • Quick and easy set up
Super Wheel


We can supply a compatible gear set for your bike. Please let use know the number of gears on your right shifter. The SuperWheel uses the screw-on freewheel system, available with 7 speeds, 8 speeds and 9 speeds.


Unlimited range, unlimited assistance

  • With Super Wheel you can travel as far as you want for as long as you want!
  • No 15mph powered assistance limit and no range limit, the possibilities and destinations are endless
Super Wheel

Power Assistance but no battery assistance

  • The Super Wheel has no battery, therefore there is no need to worry about recharging
  • No increase in energy bills – The Super Wheel is unique in that it isn’t powered by a battery
  • Because Super Wheel has no battery, it can be transported on planes. The battery that comes with a e-bike can’t be transported on planes because of its chemical composition.
Super Wheel
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