How Super Wheel Works

Inspired by the Power-steering system of my father’s new truck, the dream of developing a bicycle that can fully utilize human power began to develop when I was 14 years old.

I began more active R&D work when my project “A high efficiency pedal” was awarded an Innovation Voucher (development funding of 5000 euro) from Enterprise Ireland, and working with University of Ulster in 2010. The project was successfully completed the ‘Proof of Principle’ testing in 2013, and you will know more about this device in the coming years.

The Super Wheel system uses our patented ‘Weight (mass) to energy conversion technology’ to improve cycling efficiency, and developed as the alternative to electric power assistance, such as the E-bike.

Weight transforms to rotational energy during rotation, no battery needed, no range limit and no electricity consumption.

In short, the system transforms weight to force, and use this force to do work, any force can do work is called ‘Energy’.

Have a look of this videos & with a little imagination, you will find this is basically…a simple idea.

Super Wheel
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