How Super Wheel Works

The first law of Thermodynamic states that – ‘ Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. ONLY ALTERED IN FORM.’  There are forces within the system during functioning, which can transform into rotational energy and reduce the energy consumption of mobility.

I began the development of ‘The energy optimization Technology of mobility’ journey in 2010, after being awarded the Innovation Vouchers( technology development funding from Enterprise Ireland.  I started the ‘Easy Pedal’ project development in the University of Ulster, which successfully completed the Proof of principle testing in 2013.

The development of the SuperWheel – Weight to energy conversion technology(WTECT) began in 2016 at Dublin City University. The development journey was challenging and received huge skepticism worldwide. The technology development was successfully completed in 2021, and International patents were awarded in 2022 and 2023.

The SuperWheel transforms weight and Ground reactive forces to rotational energy, providing unlimited range of power assistance for cycling. Testing trial in France, Ireland and Hong Kong in 2022 showed that the system provided over 33% efficiency improvement when used on a standard bike, and substantially increased the range from 90km to 169km when cycling at 23 to 24kmh with a single charged 520WH battery on a testing trial in France.




Super Wheel
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