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Super Wheel launches a unique alternative to an e-wheel.

Simon Chan, the inventor of the Super Wheel is preparing to launch his wheel into the crowdfunding medium, Kickstarter this coming summer. After years of designing, engineering and reinventing the Super Wheel and months of marketing and social media campaigns it has now all come into fruition as he prepares for the launch day. Simon who resides in Cavan, Ireland but is originally from Hong Kong has been working on his Super Cycle project for over ten years. A hobby that very quickly transformed into his passion.

Super Wheel System Pre-launch & Public Trial Run event

When Simon was a teenager working with his Father, he noticed how the power steering system worked on his Fathers truck and was inspired by its operational properties. It was from then Simon searched for a more efficient and assistive technology, but he never found it; so, he created his own.
Simon spent years working developing his Super Cycle project. The Super Cycle project consists of three journeys, firstly the Easy Pedal, which passed its proof of principle testing in 2013 by Ulster University. Secondly the Super Wheel which is the current endeavour and lastly the Urban Transporter which will combine the Easy Pedal and Super Wheel together to make a clean, efficient bike. That will compete with the electric bike.

Simon and his team are currently marketing the wheel to city commuters, cycling enthusiasts, to any environmentalists out there that are still using less sustainable transports and to people who may have a mobility disadvantage that restricts them from cycling. Using the Super Wheel is a green and efficient mode of transport that provides over 30% improved assistance, currently. And as time goes on, they wish to develop the wheel furthermore that will provide over 50% improved assistance over a standard wheel.

Super Wheel System ltd is supported by an EU funded programme, Climate KIC accelerator so while they are still awaiting a manufacturing price, they do not anticipate a high profit, they would prefer to provide clean and efficient technology. “The Super Wheel is a people’s product, we don’t want to overcharge people for our product, we simply wish to get the wheel out to everyone and into the mainstream market”

Simon aims to gain momentum from launching the Super Wheel project, so that he can explore the other bicycle components, he has invented and hopes that they all will one day they will become basic cycling accessories that will provide you with the green efficiency and assistance that you need!

The Super Wheel will be launching a Crowd Funding campaign this coming summer and we are eager to see it’s progression into mainstream cycling!

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