Testimonial Grid

We have been testing the Super Wheel around Ireland, below are some of the happy trial users.

Effortless, Best thing he has ever ridden… a fantastic product

Nickolas Boyle

Super easy, fantastic, didn’t feel like I was on a bike

Jessica Kavanagh

Genius idea, Cycling to work with less effort meant less chance of perspiring (sweating) when arrive at work. Love that it’s totally green.


I can feel the drive coming from the rear wheel, felt a force assisting me go forward.


When I stopped pedaling, I could feel springs pushing me forward.


Good work, worked well


Very easy for cycling, very light

Orla Donohoe

Effortless, perfect for daily commuting


Super Wheel make cycling much easier, I certainly will cycling more often with the assistance.

Barra Mulligan

Very good, feel the power assistance helping

Stephen Molloy

Very good

Coleman Ledwith

Cycling is comfortable with Super Wheel, in particular when cycling uphill

Jim Gavin 76 years old, avid cyclist

Felt the power assistance, great

Shaun Conroy

John Fox of Dealgan Clothing here in the Regional Development Center trying out the Super Wheel for the first time. “Yeah, I can definitely feel it working, I can feel what it’s meant to do”

John Fox Dealgan Clothing

Tony tested the Super Wheel out on the Ardee Road in Dundalk; the Ardee road stretches for about 3km with 1km uphill. Tony provided us with some suggestions which is imperative to us in going forward! “I can definitely feel it working (the system), especially going up that hill”

Tony MurphyChairman of Ardee Cycling Club

Even when I stop pedalling, the spring still pushes you forward.

SeamusDundalk Cycle Centre