User Guide

The SuperWheel uses reactive forces to generate additional torque thereby providing power assistance. In order to get the greatest benefit from the SuperWheel, you will need:

  • To use on a hard road surfaces, (off road surfaces will decrease the level of power assistance).
  • The tire pressure and spring pressure controls the power output, an increase in the tire pressure will require an increase of the spring compression pressure.

70 to 90PSI             Easy cycling assistance mode

Over 90PSI              High performance assistance mode

Note: Do not inflate the tires above the maximum pressure indicated by the manufacturer.  This information is found on the side wall of the tire.

The higher the tire pressure, the higher the power output. The springs may need to be adjusted to higher pressure tension when the tire pressure is increased.

Please note: The system will stop functioning when the spring pressure setting is higher than the input energy. After riding, you will get to know the correct spring settings.

The spring pressure adjustment

There are 3 types of spring sets, under 75kg (165 lbs), 75kg to 90 kg (200lbs) and over 90kg , please ensure which type of spring set is suitable to you, Additional sets of springs are available from your local dealer, if you need a second set of spring for your partner, friends or family to share the joy of cycling with SuperWheel.

To adjust the spring pressure, you need a size 13 mm (1/2”) spanner (wrench).

Look after your components

The SuperWheel was developed for efficient city commuting, flat pathways and uphill cycling. Try to avoid long and steep uphill climbing, as it may damage the stoppers on the internal drive mechanism.

Four steps to fit the SuperWheel

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